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Children of the Inquisition is a 2 hour documentary film, immersive website, and educational outreach project that unearths 500 years of hidden history. The project looks at what happened to the families forced to convert to Catholicism or flee during the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions through the eyes of their contemporary descendants. Many of them are just discovering their often nuanced Jewish roots.  Individual and family journeys blur the boundaries between the personal and historical in revealing the once masked identities that these Inquisitions forced from the ensuing diaspora. The discoveries of these flights to safety allow our characters access to a fuller understanding of how their lives were shaped by a perilous history.

After 6 years of shooting in 12 cities spanning 4 continents, we have just completed principal photography and are now fundraising to finish the edit on the broadcast film.  But Children of the Inquisition is more than just a film. It’s an opportunity to better understand our complex world and identities.

Come join us and lift the veil…