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M.A.Visbeen, Ph.D.

The Jewish nation in Suriname. In the period from August to September of this year (2014) will be 375 years ago that the first Jews settled in Suriname. The exact date is not known, since it is already so very long ago (1638) and Suriname that was not covered by the Dutch government. In subsequent […]

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Marcia Fine

“I discovered your website while researching the Inquisition in Mexico. There are disputes as to when it ended. 1820-1830? Some say they did not cease even when ordered to from Spain and there was persecution until 1890. I am fascinated with all the stories! The diaspora explained, customs recognized, family puzzles. I am seeped in […]

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Nel Yomtov

“My story is perhaps not as dramatic as those of my Sephardic brothers and sisters who have been disconnected from their ancient culture and traditions. I am an American-born descendant of Sephardic Jews, who after fleeing Spain eventually settled in Istanbul, Turkey. To the best of our knowledge, the family resided there for many generations, […]

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Norma “Yehudit or Yudi”

Dear Sir: Below you will find my personal story of the discovery of my Jewishness. I was Waggoner till my divorce in 2011, I am Norma Wunderlich now. I stopped my search after being discriminated by the Jewish community. So after being discouraged I dropped the ball. But the jewish spirit in me still lingers […]

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R. d’Arby Toledano, MD, PhD

“This is a fantastic website. Well-done. I hope that you will continue collecting stories. The videos you’ve collected to date are interesting,tragic, and insightful, and I think that it would be wonderful if you added more testimonials. Videos are superbly filmed and edited. It’s nice that you included the NYT articles and other links. Indeed, […]

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Sarah Aroeste

“Hello– I just heard about your wonderful project. My family traces back to Northern Spain, and after the Inquisition we ended up in the Balkans (Bitola and Salonika). I’m a professional Ladino singer/song-writer to help preserve my family heritage. I mostly write contemporary music in the language, to show that our wonderful culture is not […]

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