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Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies 27th Annual Conference

David M. Gitlitz, Ph.D., scholar-administrator of the University of Rhode Island, who over the last two decades has divided his time among research on Sephardic historical topics, Spanish Golden Age literature, pilgrimage studies, and university administration and teaching, is also one of the people featured prominently in Children of the Inquisition. David will be speaking about the first practicing Crypto-Jewish family in Mexico at the Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies Annual Conference in Philadelphia on Tuesday, November 7th, at the National Museum of American Jewish History. The SCJS conference has been held annually for 27 years and this is the first time it will be held in the mid-Atlantic region.

Following David’s talk, director Joseph Lovett will be showing clips from the film Children of the Inquisition. Debbie Wohl Isard, President pro-tem of the Society Crypto-Judaic Studies, says that Joe and SCJS enjoy a friendship and mission synergy. SCJS exists to foster research and to preserve the historical narrative pertaining to the descendants of the Jews persecuted during the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions. Their descendents today still practice rituals and observances for which they don’t have a clear reason, other than “it’s the tradition in our family.” Children of the Inquisition shines a light on the history and personal stories of individuals and families with histories tied to the Inquisition.

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